Our company has been conducting consulting a business for many industries with gas related, such as Food, Automobile, Home Electric Appliance, Chemical, Environment, Medical, Rubber, Plastic, Semiconductors, etc. The head company manufacture many kinds of machine which combination with gas. We also supply and service industrial gas and special material to customer. 

Industrial Gases      
  – Carbon Dioxide (CO2)     
  – Nitrogen (N2)     
  – Oxygen (O2)     
  – Hydrogen (H2)     
  – Helium (UHP 99.999%)     
  Special Refrigerant     
  – HFO-1234yf 
– R-410A 
  – R-600a (Isobutane)     
  – Brine (Yokoevercool)     
  Storage Tank Rental and Leasing     
  Ultra Shot Automatic Deflashing Machine     
  Shot Media (Polycarbonate)     
  Dry Ice Blasting Systems and Pelletizer     
  – Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting Machine     
  – Coldjet Pelletizer (Dry Ice Production)     
  – Pellet Dry Ice     
  – Block Dry Ice