Aluminum hydroxide is an inorganic compound formed during the manufacturing process of aluminum.

Its appearance is a white powder and it is extracted from bauxite ore.

Although we rarely see them directly in our daily lives, they are used in many things around us that are related to our lives;

-Home wall materials and wallpaper that take advantage of its fire-retardant properties -Ceramic washbasins and artificial marble kitchen counters that make use of its white color

-Semiconductors and insulation materials that make use of its electrical insulating properties (coatings for electric wires, etc.)
Aluminum hydroxide is also used as a flocculant that removes turbidity from tap water.

Product Detail

GradeParticle size
Normal55Water treatmentContaining moisture
Fine18Flame retardant fillerImprove arc resistance and tracking resistance of plastic
Super Fine1Flame retardant fillerFine particle size