A variety of products for wide range of  applications  CYANON 

can meet all of your needs. 

Applications : 


 ・Weather stripping 

 ・Air filters 

 ・Brake hoses 

 ・Interior materials 

②Electrial,Electronic Apparatuses 

 ・ Printed Circuit Boards 

 ・Micro speakers 

 ・Magnetic heads 


Product list 

Type Applications・Advantages 
General Purpose Can be used for various materials such as wood and metals and rubber ,plastics. 
For difficult-to-Bond Materials Can quickly bond difficult-to-bond materials such as EPDM. 
High Strength Impact-resistance Designed to improve impact strength which is a weak poin of cyanoacrylate adhesives. Excellent water resistance as well as heat resistance. 
Super-high viscosity type Super-high viscous gel property. Adhesive does not run on walls or ceilings. 
For Penetrating and Reinforeing Wood and Paper Strengthen materials by penetrating adhesive into hardboard, porous materials and sawdust. 
Surface Insensitive Can quickly bond most materials. 
Low odor Low blooming Nearly odorless and blooming is almost entirely eliminated. 
For Artifical Marble Suitable for construction using artificial marble. 
Flexile Type Suitable for bonding flexible materials such as rubbers, films and so on. 
Colored Type (Blue・Red・Green) Colored type for use when you need to locate the bonded place.