Small Carbonated sub-sterilized water production device

What is Carbononbacter?

   Dilute sodium hypochlorite to a concentration of 40-200ppm, carbon dioxide is injected to control the pH6. Sodium hypochlorite at pH6 has a strong disinfecting power and produces this carbonated sub-sterilized water.

    The disinfecting power of sodium hypochlorite changes depending on the pH value. Normally, when sodium hypochlorite is simply diluted with 200ppm water, it exists around pH9 as shown in the right figure. By injecting carbon dioxide into it and lowering the pH, it has a strong sterilizing power as it becomes around pH6. If the pH is further lowered, chlorine gas will be generated, but it will not fall below pH5 due to the buffering effect of carbon dioxide. Therefore, you can use it with safe and secure.

Industry type

  • Food & Beverage Industry

PET bottle container

Cut vegetables, plant factory

Beverage, brewing

Meat processing

  • Service industry



  • Other Industry

 Instrument cleaning  

Public facility