In order to reduce and eliminate Ozone depletion. The industry worldwide has developed a wide variety of long term refrigerant alternatives that are classified as HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons). HFCs are now available for most refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. In the area of unitary air-conditioning, the industry manufacturers have primarily moved towards HFC R-410A as the replacement for R-22 in new equipment. 

The benefits of R-410A refrigerant are ; 

  • Exceptionally quiet operation  
  • Higher EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) better heat-pump performance  
  • Increased efficiency and reliability  
  • There is also no ozone-depleting chemicals  

Refrigerant HFO-1234yf 

Starting in 2011, automakers must meet the EU’s MAC Directive, which prohibits the use of refrigerants with a global warming potential (GWP) higher than 150 in new vehicle types.This Directive created a need for a globally-compliant replacement for R134a.Its GWP of 4 is 97% lower than the new EU regulation requires and 99.7% lower than R134a.Mobile air conditioning systems using HFO-1234yf are also more energy efficient than those using CO2 , particularly at higher ambient temperatures; vehicles equipped with HFO-1234yf will use less fuel and emit fewer greenhouse gases than the CO2 alternative, which further increases the environmental benefit and reduces the carbon footprint.HFO-1234yf is safe and easily integrated into current systems. As a near drop-in replacement, or even a drop-in replacement in certain cases, it requires virtually no alterations to current equipment. So it’s easy to adopt and enables automakers to meet new regulations. 

HFO-1234yf has an atmospheric lifetime of only 11 days – compared to 13 years for R-134a and more than 500 years for carbon dioxide. Unlike HFCs and CFCs, which take decades to decompose, HFO-1234yf does not persist in the atmosphere. Quite simply, vehicles using highly energy-efficient HFO-1234yf refrigerant will use less fuel and produce fewer emissions than many of the existing alternatives. 

Refrigerant R-600a 

Refrigerant R-600a, or Isobutane is a replacement for other refrigerants, which have high impact on the environment. It has zero ozone depletion potential ODP and a neglectible global warming potential GWP.  

Furthermore it is a substance which is a part of petrol gases from natural sources. More than 90% of refrigerators are manufactured using R-600a as refrigerant. Because of the availability of Isobutane all over the world it has been discussed widely for CFC replacement. Isobutane R-600a is a refrigerant for this application, with good energy efficiency.